Different Naked Ladies - Lycoirsaversus Amaryllis

Marguerite English meenglis@meenglis.cts.com
Fri, 14 Dec 2007 13:05:28 PST
Thank you Kelly, Tony, Jim, Jim, James et al. 

The comments do help and I thank you all.

    I do live where it snows a few times in winter.  It is a mild winter 
for most of you, but I do get enough chill hours to grow several fruit 
trees that don't do well in the lower elevations.   I live near Julian, 
which is famous for its apples, and near the Laguna mountains which draw 
all the local 'flatlanders' for snow days all winter.   California has 
many climates and I am in an unusual one.  I get real winter, real 
baking summer in the fall, a spring that is usually 1 week long between 
the two...   and don't forget the winds and wildfires!

     I have grown both Lycoris squamigera  and Amaryllis on my property 
at 3700 ft altitude.   The Amaryllis only lasted a year and that was in 
2002 before the Cedar fire burned over my gardens. That one didn't 
survive and I haven't ordered one since.   I have planted several 
Lycoris here, and still have some of those.

   And the foliage comments are interesting to check out.  L. radiata 
has foliage developing now, and the L. squamigera is nowhere in sight.  
I think L. aurea disappeared last year.

   I will get my gardening friends to gather some local samples for me 
next summer and check out the keys to identify garden escapees.  Our 
conversation was started because someone was just seeing the foliage, so 
that does suggest for the Amaryllis. 

   Thank you again.  Marguerite in chilly mountains of Southern 
California where the storm just left!   Thank God for real rain!!!!

James Waddick wrote:
> 	Does this help?
> 			Best		Jim W.


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