Massonia pollination and resource for Massonia/Daubneya

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 26 Dec 2007 21:16:40 PST

I usually get seed of Massonia pustulata and M. echinata without any 
trouble as I have pollinators. I even photographed one this year as it was 
going from tiny flower to tiny flower. We'll see about M. jasminiflora. I 
tried it from seed multiple times and never got any to germinate (tried 
several sources) after admiring it at Rhoda and Cameron's. I finally 
purchased some from Gordon Summerfield in South Africa and finally got it 
turned around to my hemisphere. I really like it. Massonia depressa flowers 
are really different because of the nectar that attracts the gerbil. I 
don't think you could confuse them with M. echinata. Look at my picture on 
the wiki. Plus the leaves are gigantic.

Arnold alerted me that Paul Cumbleton has some amazing pictures on the 
Wisley Alpine Log on the Scottish Rock Garden site. If you are interested 
in Massonia and Daubenya you will want to look at them and then you will 
want to order lots of seed in hopes you can get the different variations. 
I've got it on my list to link them to our wiki pages for Daubenya and 
Massonia. I also have some great Massonia pictures from Alan Horstmann. 
I'll try to add them and a couple of my own in the next couple of days.

Mary Sue

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