Rain Lilies

Robt R Pries rpries@sbcglobal.net
Sat, 15 Dec 2007 07:01:41 PST
I am collecting data on Zepyranthes, Habranthus,
Rhodolphiala, and Sprekelia. The last two may not be
considered rain lilies but have crossed with them and
so are of interest. Their are other genera such as
Pyrolyrion, Phycella and Traubia that have been moved
in and out of the other genera and so I am looking at
these also. I am trying to collect information in two
ways, botanical and horticultural. The Botanical is
the easier part, in that I can find much in the
literature. The horticultural is actually more
difficult and lead to this task in the first place.
Many hybrids have been named but often very little
appears in the literature about their provenance. For
example. There are interesting crosses that have been
placed on the Wikipedia but they do not give
hybridizers names. dates of introduction or any
quantitative measures such as flower size, height,
etc. In our age of communications we seem to be
loosing ground on providing any archival reference of
what is happening in this area. I am aware of some
hybridizers and have been in touch and have recieved
great information but sadly I am sure I have only
reached the tip of the iceberg. Without individuals
coming forward, I will miss much of what is happening.
This is unfortunate. I have already noted websites
offering a cultivar that is white, saying that what
they offer is pink. Without some idiot like me who is
willing to bang their head against the wall to
document these things we will remain without a
reference that can verify the names of these plants in
the future.

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> On 13 Dec 07, at 18:42, Robt R Pries wrote:
> >  Dear rain lily enthusiasts; I am continuing on my
> > quest to produce a rain lily checklist.
> Just Zephyranthes, or both Z. and Habranthus?
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