Speaking of Brunsvigia....

Kelly Irvin kelly@irvincentral.com
Thu, 13 Dec 2007 09:24:28 PST

I don't grow Brunsvigia orientalis, so I only can compare between the 
available images on the web. It does appear to me the pedical length is 
significantly shorter in the "primary" cross, compared to B. orientalis. 
The overall flower shape and posture, including style and filaments 
looks very similar to the other examples of B. orientalis. Color can't 
be trusted at all in a photo comparison, but color seems a bit 
different. It would be nice to see the foliage. The foliage would be 
somewhere in the middle in characteristics, I would guess. Technically, 
I could be convinced the floral characteristics mixed, but the taller, 
narrower foliage of Lycoris sprengeri would surely influence the 

I'm vague on what little plant breeding training I received in college, 
but I seem to recall some forms of dominance that could mask 50/50 
phenotypic characteristics in a primary cross??????????????? If it were 
fertile, it would surely be easier to tell in selfed seedling 
population. If it were infertile, that might be telling, too.

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