Zantedeschia odorata
Mon, 24 Dec 2007 15:29:57 PST
Zantedeschia odorata is a surprisingly difficult plant to grow with me. I got a 
rhizome years ago from a plant friend in England, lost it, got it again from 
him and had one, in words ONE single flower all these years. I do not remember 
any fragrance but I cross pollinated it in both ways with a very good form of 
Z. aethiopica (a from I got from Mr Holford in Cornwall) The seedlings are 
still there but most are lacking chorophyll and look strangely pale green to 
whitish-yellowish green but improve with age. No flowers as yet.... (with that 
kind of parent....) The Z.odorata tuber was planted in the open border of a 
frost free greenhouse this autumn, in barely moist soil (it is definetely not a 
swamp plant like Z.aethiopica) and off it took with leaves of a size I had 
never seen before as long as it was pot grown. So there is hope for flowers but 
it is too early in the season to know. Will keep yuo informed.
I also saw it growing wild near Niewoudville in a flower reserve in deep 
fissures of rock the leaves at level with the flar rock surface and definetley 
well drained but probably never totally dry.

Uli from Germany

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