Red-Flowered Hyacinths

Judy Glattstein
Tue, 04 Dec 2007 09:19:21 PST
The checklist offers only two red-named hyacinths:

Red Beauty, introduced 1977, flowers rhodonite-red fading into
spirea-red, stem bronze-green


Red Pearl, sport of Pink Pearl, introduced 1984, flowers rhodonite-red
fading into spirea-red, also with a bronze-green stem.

For Scarlet Perfection it notes that one should see Hollyhock, which, it
turns out, is a sport of Tubergen's Scarlet. Hollyhock apparently was
described in 1936 but not introduced until 1950. Flowers with redoubled
corollas, sheathed one into another, same color as Tubergen's Scarlet.
Tubergen's Scarlet was introduced in 1920, having a small, slender spike
of crimson-red flowers, good for early forcing, and is a sport of

Jim, if you don't mind I'll stop here, rather than adding a description
for Distinction.

Judy in New Jersey where the skies are grey and little white flakes are
drifting around like the inside of a snow globe.

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