Question about Naked Ladies

Steve Marak
Fri, 21 Dec 2007 09:21:04 PST

Thank you! I encountered the word Rassenkreis many years ago, used to 
describe exactly the situation David mentions. The example given was a 
moth, I think, with one end of the arc in Florida in the US, and the 
other end somewhere around Belize. 

But I somehow got a bad spelling of Rassenkreis in my head, and despite 
only being a couple of letters off was never able to get a hit on it - 
until now. A long-standing irritation resolved, just in time for 


On Fri, 21 Dec 2007, J.E. Shields wrote:

> David,
> One expression for this that I recall is Rassenkreis, a breeding or racial 
> circle or arc.  I think I have seen "cline" applied to the sort of 
> variational gradient you describe.  We still someone who knows for sure to 
> enlighten us!
> Jim Shields
> At 07:04 PM 12/20/2007 -0800, David wrote:
> >There is a botanical word I'm looking for ­ it's something like gradient, 
> >but I don't think that's the word.  It is used when referring to a species 
> >with a broad distribution which has one form at one end of its 
> >distribution and a very different form at the other end.  The two extreme 

-- Steve Marak

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