Vancouver Island visit

N Sterman TalkingPoints@PlantSoup.Com
Thu, 22 Feb 2007 08:01:45 PST
I love walking through the shops of Granville Island.  A visit to the  
open air market there yields a delicious meal, not to mention some  
very interesting art objects.

Not too far from the city itself is Minter Gardens which is a  
destination display garden that is not so much for the botanically  
inclined, but definitely for the tourist inclined.  It is a lovely  
garden from a botanical perspective as well, but it is geared for the  
general public, not the plant aficionado.

If you have time to drive up to Whistler, that is a beautiful drive  
but it does take several hours.

Last I was there (about 2 years ago), I attended a convention and  
stayed at the downtown Hyatt which was in the absolutely perfect  
location.  I could walk to the water front in both directions, had a  
fantastic view of the city, and  the subway was located beneath the  
building.  The room was nice, the service was good.  I'd stay there  
again in a heartbeat!

  BTW, downtown Vancouver is a pretty cool town!  There are many  
green spaces within the city itself which was unexpected and very  

Have a GREAT time!

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