Lachenalia mystery

Laura & Dave
Tue, 06 Feb 2007 14:00:52 PST
While this thread on Lachenalias is in full swing, I thought it a good 
time to post a photo on the mystery page of a plant I purchased a couple 
of years ago. It came with a name, but I don't believe it's correct. 
I too have been hooked on the genus Lachenalia, and have been enjoying 
greatly the discussion.  I'm making headway on keeping them from 
flopping over, there being improvement over last year when 'sprawl' 
would have been a more apt description (I liked the 'Dutch Lop Ear' 
reference a lot!). I agree that they like ample water, and cold night / 
warm day temperatures.  Still, the foliage appears much softer than the 
plants photographed in their native habitat, so I'm going to experiment 
with leaner soil and more light.  Years ago I put a reflective film on 
the north wall of a green house, to give some orchids more light.  This 
helped considerably, providing not only more light, but a more balanced 

Dave B

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