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Su Collins
Mon, 12 Feb 2007 20:21:21 PST
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I think that it depends on which virus are infected. have most virus database

I found some might be the virus, but there may be more than one virus in 
the plant. And not every virus cloud be deavtivated by heat(or may not 
be heated enough), but also there are other virus which cloud infect 
*Narcissus *. Please specifiy the Susceptible Hosts to make sure the 
other virus which might infect *Narcissus.*

* Narcissus mosaic virus  *TIP: 75 ?簞C. LIV: 85 days (and 
more). DEP: log10 minus 6. Infectivity of sap not changed by treatment 
with di-ethyl ether.
* Narcissus yellow stripevirus
** Narcissus degenerationvirus
** /Narcissus latent virus /The thermal inactivation 
point (TIP) is at 65-70?簞C (in /Nicotiana clevelandii/ sap). The 
longevity /in vitro/ (LIV) is 3-4 days (in /Nicotiana clevelandii/ sap). Narcissus late season yellows virus

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