frozen Nerines

John Grimshaw
Tue, 20 Feb 2007 23:19:23 PST
It happened here at Colesbourne Park in the hard winter of 1962-63 when the 
greenhouse containing the historic collection of H.J. Elwes' Nerine 
sarniensis selections collapsed in the snow and the plants froze to death 

It is a bad sign that the roots are gone & it may well be that the bulbs are 
also dead (but less obviously so). I would investigate closely and if there 
seemed to be signs of life keep the pots dry to minimise the chance of rot 
spreading in affected parts. Then repot in summer and invest in a 
non-electrical heater!

It is well to remember that not only tender bulbs can be affected in this 
way; in 1991-92 almost my entire snowdrop collection was killed by being 
frozen in pots. Even the few that survived lost all their roots and took 
several years to return to normal strength.

John Grimshaw

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>A friend's collection of Nerines froze when the power was out for a
> long time this winter.  He says the bulbs seem sound, the roots are
> gone, and the leaves are now dying off.  He wonders if this ever
> happened to anyone else, and what advice they can offer.

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