Airports and Plants

Joe Shaw
Wed, 28 Feb 2007 16:23:08 PST
Hi Gang,

I've collected plants from all over the US, and shipped them home as 
luggage.  I just wrap everything up in newspaper and box it up.  Usually, to 
be safe, I double box everything so it doesn't fall apart.

If I have a few items I just carry them on, no problem.  Carry on items go 
through the machine just like everything else and seeds, cuttings, and bulbs 
have done fine for me.  I have heard that luggage items get a good does of 
radiation, but this has not been a problem for plants, even tender tropicals 
or seeds.

Of course, if I have more than an apple box-full of plants I ship them 
FedEx, DHL, or the Post Office.


Conroe TX 

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