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Fri, 02 Feb 2007 04:55:03 PST
 Zygadenus (Endlicher 1836) is an orthographic variant
on the original Zigadenus (Michaux 1803). All the
Toxicoscordion (Rydberg 1903) were lumped into that
genus without much inspection. But, if you follow
Zomlefer and Judd (Novon, 2002) most of the Zigadenus
have been placed back into Toxicoscordion. The only
'true' Zigadenus species is Z.glabberimus which has a
rhizome while the Toxicoscordion species all have

 Secondly, I would check the identification of your
plant when it blooms. Z.nuttalli is a mid-western
native and it seems unlikely that it would be in
widespread cultivation, but some US natives are easier
to find outside the country for some reason. I see it
on many seedlist in Norway, and Sweden.

 Either way it is a great plant and I have seen it in
a few locations around here.

 Aaron Floden 
 Manhattan, KS
 USA, 5F right now and I have to walk to class!

--- Per-Åke Löfdahl <peak@kth.se> wrote:
> honored experts at this
> list, who is right and is there a history behind
> this? (Or is IPNI plain
> wrong?)
> Per-Ake Lofdahl
> Stockholm-Sweden Where we have gloomy winter
> weather, a grey sky and 0 degr.
> C!

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