Hymenocallis Question

Norman Rose rosesrus@sbcglobal.net
Tue, 13 Feb 2007 12:59:22 PST
  Hi All,
I will be getting a Hymenocallis maximillini bulb in a
few days. I have looked through the archives and
searched the web to learn what this plant likes. Here
is what I have concluded. Needs rich well drained
soil. Keep soil moist.  It needs a dry dormant period
in the winter. The soil mix I will be using is compost
(fir bark) sand, pumice,perlite and pea gravel. Does
this soil mix sound good. Also, I wanted to put this
in a 1 gallon black plastic pot. Does this bulb like
to be crowded? Is 1 inch deep OK for this? I live in
San Jose California. I know this variety comes from
Mexico and gets more humidity there than we get here
on the west coast. Any suggestions to my growing notes
would be appreciated.
thanks again
Norman Rose
San Jose California Zone 9

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