Paeonia 'Golden Crown'

James Waddick
Fri, 16 Feb 2007 07:05:21 PST
>Several retail catalogs offer something called Paeonia 'Golden Crown'. I've
>seen this name used in both the US and in the UK. Does anyone know what this
>When I first saw these, I assumed they were the Itoh interdivisional hybrid
>peony known as 'Yellow Crown'.
>Or is 'Golden Crown' something else?

Dear Jim McK;
	First there is no peony registered as 'Golden Crown'.

	The four original intersectional peonies include one 
registered as 'Yellow Crown', but these are said to totally mixed up 
in the trade and justifiably so since they are essentially indistinct 
from each other.

	I checked my 'usual suspect' (Van Bougondien) and they use 
the name 'Yellow Crown'

	In the past I have seen plants sold as the intersectional 
'Yellow Crown' that were actually the herbaceous 'Claire De Lune"

	In my own personal suggestion, I'd avoid all these original 4 
Interectionals and assuming you want a good yellow peony look for any 
of the newer ones such as 'Bartzella', 'Canary Brilliants'. 
'Sequestered Sunshine' etc.

	Although these newer cvs were originally outrageously high 
priced, they are now being offered at MUCH lower prices comparable to 
these old ones.

	Check out specialty peony growers most of which will not have 
their lists available for a while.

		Best	Jim W.

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