Henrik Zetterlund here next year

Roy Herold rherold@yahoo.com
Thu, 08 Feb 2007 18:23:02 PST
Agreed, Henrik is a great fellow. I first met him at our Eastern Winter 
Study Weekend back in 1991 (??), and later when he came to speak to our 
local chapter. Yes, I got him to autograph my copy of his corydalis 
book. Coincidentally, his co-author Magnus Liden (another wonderful guy) 
was here last spring doing research for their next great corydalis book, 
and I got him to finish off the autographing process on the original. 
Plus I got to bore him with lots of corydalis pictures.

Even worse (or  better!!), Janis Ruksans is going to be here (and all 
over the rest of the country) next year, too. What really has me worried 
is that he is going to be staying at our house when he's in the Boston 
area. I mean, how meek and humble can one get when showing the garden 
and greenhouse to God (pardon the comparison). Thank goodness it won't 
be until early November, and not much will be left outdoors. Perhaps I 
should put a little sign on each bed and/or pot showing the dollar 
amount remitted to Ruksans Nursery for the resident bulbs. Don't look 
now, but the new catalog just arrived....

We did manage to make it through a similar visit from Ian Young a couple 
of years ago, so I'm hoping for the best. And that Janis doesn't break 
another leg....

NW of Boston
Global Cooling Update: Below freezing, day and night, for the past week. 
Same thing forecast for next week. No snow cover here (yet).

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