Per-Åke Löfdahl peak@kth.se
Fri, 02 Feb 2007 02:27:28 PST
I recently achieved seeds of Zigadenus nattallii from our local Swedish
alpine garden club seed distribution. As usual before sowing I checked the
name in IPNI on the web, and there is no such record! There is a ZYgadenus
nuttallii though! If I go to the recently launched Kew "World Checklist of
Monocots" there is a ZIgadenus nuttalli (but no ZYgadenus) this they have
made it a synonym to Toxicoscordion nuttallii. So honored experts at this
list, who is right and is there a history behind this? (Or is IPNI plain

Per-Ake Lofdahl
Stockholm-Sweden Where we have gloomy winter weather, a grey sky and 0 degr.

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