A question about plants and bulbs through airport security

Laura & Dave toadlily@olywa.net
Tue, 27 Feb 2007 13:40:16 PST
Does anyone know the effects of the x-ray machines on plants at Airport 
security? I'm going to the NARGS Winter Study Weekend in San Mateo, and 
probably will run into something that won't let go of my leg until I 
promise it a home.  In years past, there was no problem; I just carried 
them on and shoved them into the overhead bins.  More recently I brought 
bulbs back from Chicago, and they insisted they be x-rayed, despite the 
easily inspectable net bags they were in.  And while I admit it is 
probably poor culture on my part, several of the bags full have not done 
well (Galanthus elwesii and Leucojum vernum in particular), waning over 
the three year span since arriving.  I grow others of these species, and 
they do well.

I'm not sure that plants can even be carried on anymore. I could pack 
them well and put them in my luggage, but I think those are x-rayed now 
too.  And there is always the problem of cold and low pressure in the 
baggage compartment.  Another alternative is shipping them (USPS, UPS 
etc.), but  I don't know what they are subjected to after they leave my 

Thanks, any advice would be appreciated.

  Dave Brastow, Tumwater Washington USA  zone 7A
  (With a light dusting of SNOW?! this morning)

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