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Susan Hayek susanann@sbcglobal.net
Tue, 06 Feb 2007 18:25:00 PST
Craig's original post came to PBS administration because he was at 
that time not a member and the person he was seeking no longer 
belongs to the PBS list.
Craig has since joined under his personal email address, but I 
thought I'd forward this along in case someone has information.

s. for the administration

>I found a posting while surfing the internet looking for a source of 
>Lilium iridollae.  I would appreciate any advice or help you can 
>give me in finding this and L michauxii.  I am the past science 
>chair of the Florida Native Plant Society and have been working for 
>the past 20 years or so to bring some of our best/most beautiful 
>species into some level of cultivation.  I am growing L. catesbaei 
>and recently acquired L. superbum.  Witht he Pine lily, I have been 
>supllying seed from my plants to several nursery folks that I know 
>and trust hoping to make this plant more available to folks that can 
>continue to protect/preserve it.
>I would very much like to add the other 2 lily species mentioned 
>above and see that you have experience with them.  If you have seed 
>or bulbs that you would part with - or know of a source that might- 
>please let me know.  I really appreciate your time.
>Thank you,
>Craig N. Huegel, Ph.D., Senior Ecologist
>Biological Research Associates

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