Sternbergia colchiciflora and a new word for me

Laura & Dave
Fri, 02 Feb 2007 11:31:16 PST
This is what I love about this list! While following the discussion 
about John's mystery, I realized I didn't know this word.

*apomixis* (āp'ə-mĭk'sĭs)
The development of an embryo without the occurrence of fertilization. 
*Parthenogenesis* is one form of apomixis. In plants, another form of 
apomixis also occurs, in which the embryo develops from the somatic 
cells of the ovule surrounding the embryo sac, not from the egg cell 
within the embryo sac itself. Such embryos are clones of the parent 
plant, and valuable cultivars of plants such as the fig are propagated 
using seeds produced through this kind of apomixis.

The American Heritage® Science Dictionary

We now have yet another possibility to consider. Are John's seeds clones 
or self pollinated?

Dave B in Cold, Dry Tumwater, Washington -USA-

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