Seed imports to U.S.

Susan B
Wed, 24 Jan 2007 15:48:05 PST
C.O.D. labels would be a good way to go.

Post offices do not always forward packages for free- I'm speaking from personal experience as we recently moved and had a box forwarded to our local PO.
Before we could pick it up, we had to pay for the postage from our old address.

Now, since that green label is not the recipient's address, therein may 
lie the reason for the Postal Service's complaint. Personally, I think 
the Postal Service should not be complaining about it. They forward mail 
for free when a person moves. They return mail for free, when an address 
is undeliverable, ETC.

Since my reasoning could be very flawed, and what the government or 
postal service takes from us is not already way more than necessary, it 
does seem that the inspection offices could easily manage an inventory 
of C.O.D. labels.

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