Arctic Express

Jane McGary
Tue, 16 Jan 2007 11:21:34 PST
Rodger asked,
>On 15 Jan 07, at 17:12, Jane McGary wrote:
> > ...effective down to 17 F, with little damage observed
> > except on two or three apparently completely tender species.
>Please tell us what those two or three completely tender species are.
>If you don't/can't remember, plead "senior moment." That's what I do.

The ones I remember are Babiana rubrocyanea, Scilla haemorrhoidalis, and 
Gladiolus carmineus(?). I shall not plead "senior moment", since it 
wouldn't sound very professional in someone who's supposed to remember a 
great deal for her work, but I shall plead laziness in not searching my 
database for the note "froze to death."

Jane McGary

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