Seed imports to U.S.

Laura & Dave
Wed, 24 Jan 2007 14:50:22 PST
Hi everyone
  I'm even further behind in the process; trying to get a valid 
e-authorization web account, so that I can get the application for the 
permit.  Despite repeated e-mails about the system not seeming to 
recognize me at all, the response has been the resetting of my password 
and the prompt to 'try it now'.  But this is a different matter.
  I may be behind the times, but what ever happened to C.O.D. postal 
service?  This requires that someone is home, or a trip to the /local/ 
post office to pick up.  I even remember that for small amounts, the 
postperson just left an envelope with the amount due, and I'd return it 
with the payment the next day.  Very simple.  For the amounts of postage 
we're talking about this should work great. Perhaps we can lobby that 
the APHIS folk just send the packages by this method, as there are no 
new or unusual money problems.

Dave, who is lusting for some seed, but wants to do it correctly!

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