crinum bulbs

Chad Schroter
Tue, 30 Jan 2007 09:42:02 PST
Hello Norman,  I am also in your area (Los Gatos, CA)  and have these growing in the ground - exposed. The crinum leaves are lost this year due to the unusually low temps, however last year (and most) they made it through the winter unscathed. The Nerine were blooming even during the freeze and seem unaffected. 

I have had issues with planting out marginally hardy plants in the winter as it is so wet here and they won't grow right away and can rot - including crinum. So if you have the time/space it might be a good idea to get them going first and plant them out in March.

Chad Schroter

Norman Rose <> wrote:  Hello everyone,
I was surprised when my local nursery had some crinum
powellii & nerine bowdenii. I have wanted to try both
of these this year, so I bought them. When I got home
and looked in my sunset garden book I was surprised.
The book said to plant the crinum in fall or spring.
For the nerine they said plant between August &
December. Finally the question.  If I am going to be
putting these in containers should I wait until
spring? (will they rot or dry out) or plant now. I
live in San Jose Calif. zone 9. If I plant now should
I take the containers out during the day and bring
them in at night, or leave  inside until they sprout.
Here in San Jose days are from mid 50's- low 60's
Nights are 38-45.
thanks much
Norman Rose
zone 9 San Jose California
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