Messages not being delivered

Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 06 Jan 2007 08:08:57 PST

Our list has been receiving a lot of spam lately (which just comes to 
Arnold, Susan, and me) and I suspect all of you are getting an excessive 
amount as well. Many of us have spam filters that catch some but never all 
of it. It appears that many of these spam filters are declaring our list 
messages to be spam. The messages then bounce and it there are a number of 
bounces received the mail program for our list disables the email address 
that is bouncing. The administrators get a message when that happens but 
before that we don't know that someone's address is bouncing. Over the 
weeks messages are sent out directing the disabled address about this and 
if they too bounce eventually the address is unsubscribed. We are getting a 
large number of notices of addresses being disabled and I expect this will 

So if you stop getting messages from this list, this could be why. If you 
can add the list address as an approved email address to your spam filter 
that might address the problem, I'm not sure. The way you can check to see 
if your account is bouncing and to make changes is by going to this url and 
adding the email address that is the one you used to subscribe on the end.

For example:…

Mary Sue

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