Update on Thumbnails

jyourch@nc.rr.com jyourch@nc.rr.com
Thu, 25 Jan 2007 07:47:11 PST
Hi all,

I've made changes to the php code to improve thumbnails.  The biggest 
change is that we are now caching the thumbnails on the ibiblio server, 
which greatly reduces page load times, especially noticeable with a 
slow connection.  All of this is occuring behind the green curtain, so 
it changes nothing about the thumbnail syntax.

Because I required some text in the mouseOverText parameter to detect a 
thumbnail request it could not be left blank.  However, the author of 
the wiki page may not want to display mouse over text, or may not want 
to take the time to write something useful.  I have added two keywords 
to handle these situations and I encourage you to use them rather than 
the useless, IMHO, "Pic1", "Pic2".  The first keyword is "none", and it 
suppresses mouse over text.  The second keyword is "default" and it 
will set the mouse over test to the URL of the full-sized image.

For more information about thumbnail syntax see:

The next step is to add support for thumbnails which float to the left 
or right of the adjacent text.  I've got the html figured out, once I 
figure out the wiki syntax and make the php changes I'll update editing 
tips and announce it here.



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