Collecting in 2007

Ronald Redding
Wed, 31 Jan 2007 12:59:07 PST
Hi everyone,

Today is the first of Feb already a month of 007 is gone and I have not done 
a thing so far this year to try and find the items that have been on my wish 
list for far too long. I have sent this list far and wide many times however 
I have never tried to send it to a collective and I hope nobody minds.

I have been told many times that my list is very ambitious and that they 
wish me well however my list has changed many times over the years and I 
have many plants considered and still considered unobtainable. It is not 
impossible to import plants into Australia however it is very expensive and 
time consuming and seeds of anything would be much better at this stage 
however if it becomes my only option it will be somthing I would consider.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I would dearly love to be able to 
grow and care for these plants I'll stop now here is my list:

Cryptostephanus densiflorus
Eucrosia (any species)
Griffinia ( I have a two species however would be happy to obtain more of 
the same plus any others)
Pancratium trianthum
Pancratium verecundum
Phaedranessa carmiolii
Phaedranessa cinerea
Phaedranessa dubia
Phaedranessa glanciflora
Phaedranessa schizantha
Phaedranessa tunguraguae
Phaedranessa viridiflora
Priophys alba
Priophys infundabalaris
Scadoxus cinnabarinus
Scadoxus cyrtanthiflorus
Scadoxus longifolius
Scadoxus multiflorus sp longitubus

I have just started on hippeastrum species and would love to hear from 
anyone who might have seeds available of these.

Kind Regards and Best Wishes
Ron Redding
Hervey Bay

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