Pacific BX payments

Dell Sherk
Mon, 01 Jan 2007 13:27:10 PST
Happy New Year to all PBS members and list members,


     Once again, may I remind you to look at your records and see if you
still owe for any of the BX shipments that you have received. We would like
to start 2007 with a clean slate. After I have sent out the current BX
(135), I will have to withhold future orders from people who are not paid
up. Nagging like this is a part of the job that I would like to avoid, and
it's dirty work, but someone has to do it!


      And while you have pen/computer in hand, why don't you go ahead and
renew your membership for 2007, if it is due?  Membership renewals are due
as of today, January 1, 2007. If you are not sure what you have paid for and
what you have not, please contact Treasurer, Arnold Trachtenberg
<> or Membership Director, Pat Colville
<>. Soon, it will be possible to go to our
website and click a button to pay by Pay Pal. (Our Pay Pal address has
changed.) Stay tuned.


            In the meantime, if you would like to use Pay Pal to pay for
dues or BX orders, simply access your Pay Pal account, click on the "Send
Money" tab, enter our treasurer's email address <>, and
follow the simple directions. VERY simple!


     The latest membership directory has been printed and will be on its way
to you tomorrow. And the next newsletter will follow soon after that.


Best wishes for a prosperous and happy new year that is full of flowers and
of bulbs and bulb seed to send to the BX,




Dell Sherk, Director, PBS BX


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