Report from BX 136 - Neomarica - Thanks

James Waddick
Mon, 29 Jan 2007 06:10:20 PST
Dear all;
	Instead of Poisonous plants or seed regulations, I'd like to 
report on a recent BX addition.

	In BX 136 on Jan 10/07 there was an offer of "Neomarica 
candida, small rhizomes with fans of leaves." . I was fortunate to 
receive a couple on Fri Jan 19. These were donated by Lee Poulsen. A 
few weeks earlier I started some discussions of the genus and Mary 
Sue put up a new wiki page.
	So the first thing I did was put these small plantlets into a 
cup of warm water since they arrived during a cold spell of near 
freezing temps. After a couple of hours I potted the small planlets 
in a single 3 inch pot, watered it well, drained and sealed in a zip 
	 Then I looked over all the recent PBS messages about this 
species. Lee seemed to grow the most species and have some good 
points, but I noticed he did NOT grow this species (the one he just 
	So over the course of the next couple of days I wrote back 
and forth to Lee for info.

	From Lee I learned the plants were recently acquired direct 
from Brazil. Lee had organized a trade for a couple of plantlets and 
received an abundance -far more than he could use so he generously 
donated extras to the PBS BX. I also learned or confirmed what I 
thought might be the case. These plantlets were all from pups that 
develop from flowering stems, not underground shoots. I was familiar 
with these planlets from growing N. gracilis, the common 'Walking 

	On Sunday Jan 21 I checked the newly potted plantlets and 
found that all three had begun growing roots -just 2 days after 
planting and probably weeks from being removed from the mother plant 
and shipping from Brazil to CA (Lee) to PA (Dell) and to MO (me). 
Then one week later Sunday Jan 28, the first new leaf is emerging 
from one new plant. All three seem firmly rooted. They were removed 
from the zip loc.

	I think this is in many ways typical of the generosity of 
donors to the BX , the rarity of BX materials and the vigor of 
materials offered.  Thanks to Lee for the plant, to Dell for running 
the BX and Mary Sue for the new wiki and keeping the PBS going. 
Thanks to all who keep this a truly special group.

		Thanks 	Jim W.
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