Link - Web page for Small Lots of Seed

Laura & Dave
Thu, 25 Jan 2007 17:44:04 PST
As I mentioned, I'm trying to get the permit for Small Lots of Seed 
myself.  Don't ask about the e-authorization.  I got three 'robot' 
messages today, requesting the information I had just sent in the two 
messages I had sent them. Oh, and after explaining that the problem 
wasn't with the password, they reset the password, patted me on the head 
and sent me on the way.  Tomorrow I'm going to find me a HUMAN to talk to!
Anyway, I decided to print the form and mail it, as suggested. (Of 
course, the first attempt ended in printer error messages, and I had to 
reboot the computer ... after doing a Suduko and eating a quarter pound 
of cashews ... I'm much calmer now, thanks!)
While doing all this, I found a major link to the Small Lots FAQs page, 
that I thought I'd share:

Peace and good gardening (if you can get the seeds)
Dave, Tumwater Washington - 7A

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