Importing Seed to U.S.- a true story

James Waddick
Wed, 24 Jan 2007 07:33:52 PST
Dear all;
	There has been a similar discussion on another email group 
(Alpine-L) on this topic. Here's a recent story:

	A "friend" in a "nearby state" (names changed to protect 
him/her). received a permit for importation of small lots of seed 
from USDA.

	A packet of info was received filled with instructions, 
threats and confusion.

	For example: The cover letter (P 1) states "Please read 
carefully the eighteen conditions attached to your permit"
	Eighteen conditions!!  Of course the two pages of fine print 
"Permit Conditions' listed only 16 conditions, not eighteen. Even so 
some of these conditions are way beyond the control of the importer.

	The papers say the "PPQ will not pay shipping charges." In 
the past the sender paid for postage from origin to final destination 
and there were no additional shipping charge. My 'friends" closest 
Inspection station is  roughly 700 miles away making pick-up 
difficult. The instructions for shipping are very vague otherwise.

	When my "friend' tried to place an order for seeds from 
abroad , the foreign shipper refused to even try to follow USDA rules 
and agreed to ship only by stealth. The seeds arrived unopened in 3 
to 4 days.

	What a system!			Good luck		Anonymous

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