crinum bulbs

J.E. Shields
Tue, 30 Jan 2007 05:19:28 PST

Crinum x-powellii is winter hardy here in Indiana.  Plant the bulbs right 
away, then forget about them.

Nerine bowdenii is also quite hardy, if not so freeze-resistant as the 
powellii.  The bulbs should not be left unplanted very long.  I grow my 
Nerine in pots, but you could grow either in pots or in the ground where 
you are.

Have fun!

Jim Shields
in cold, wintry central Indiana (USA)

At 02:48 AM 1/30/2007 -0500, you wrote:
>Norman, I live in Los Gatos,  so  very close to you.  I have  Crinum in the
>ground and in pots.  I have Nerine in the ground and it has  just finished
>blooming.  Some of the Crinum in pots that were very exposed  did get frozen
>leaves.  Those that were in pots and sheltered near the  house are 
>fine.  Those in
>the ground seem ok but the leaves don't look as  nice as they should.  I 
>they will come back just fine.
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