Sprekelia dormancy question and cold tolerseance

Adam Fikso adam14113@ameritech.net
Tue, 02 Jan 2007 08:19:18 PST
Hello all.  Just to reclarify and add to the cold tolerance issue for those 
of you who have been following this thread. The Chicago suburb where I live 
(Glenview)  had only 2 days at zero ° F last year, and only two days the 
year before. This year, so far--NONE.

I have no question about the fact of global warming and neither should any 
of you.  Local effects I've noticed  are that fireflies appear about June 20 
instead of July 4; Magnolia soulangeana flowers used to be gone on or about 
the week containing May 5, usually due to rain and wind after bloom.  Last 
year, they were gone the last week in April..  My stepson who is a flight 
engineer in the Air Force has been coping with warmer temperatures and 
changes aloft for the last 5 years-- of sufficient magnitude to have to take 
these changes into account even  at altitudes above 20,000 feet.  Warmer 
temperatures mean less lift for the aircraft, and sometimes night takeoffs 
only. ALL  the glaciers of the world have shown severe recession due to 
melting, and some have retreated more than  5 miles.  A few have nearly 
disappeared.  There are no more snows on Kilimanjaro.

 My Hippeastrelia that came through last winter did NOT come through the 
winter of 1985 (where, as I remember, the temperature was -25° F with a wind 
chill of -85° F. Yes-- Chicago has some very tough winters, but not lately. 
This year we've been running about 10-15 degrees above the average. . 
Cheers, Adam in USDA Zone 5a, in Glenview, IL

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> Well, Jim and others, It bloomed last year,. but...  I am getting so much
> astonishment here, I am now wondering if my memory is off on this matter.
> Check back with me later and I will be able to confirm. At this point, I 
> am
> doubting myself again.
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>> >Adam wrote : Re;  S. formosissima.  Personally I believe bringing your
>> >pots
>>>in is irrelevant or unnecessary.   I've been able to winter over
>>>Hippeastrelia  "Durga Pradhan" here in the Chicago area.  Outdoors, no
>>>in the ground-- sticky clayey loam at about 20" from the foundation of 
>> Dear Adam -
>> I am shocked to hear this. I bring mine (in pots) indoors
>> before the first frost and they stay there-bone dry until they show
>> 'signs' in spring, then repotting and lots of water.
>> Some sacrificial bulbs go out this fall.!
>> Does it actually bloom outdoors?
>> Stunned-Jim W.
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