Seed imports to U.S.

Robert Hamilton
Tue, 23 Jan 2007 17:17:21 PST
Hi  Lee,

> Question: In Australia, after they've checked over your incoming seed,
> do you have to go pick them up at the inspection station?


> Or do they just put them back in
> the mail and your postal service delivers them to the final  
> destination
> without any additional charges?

This  is  what usually happens.

Occasionally seeds  from a consignment  have been detained  while  
the  rest is  forwarded.  This  is  usually because  they  cant   
understand  / read the name on the  packet. On the  several  
occasions  this  has  happened to myself  , the seeds once  cleared  
are posted at  quarantine's  expense.


Rob  in Tasmania

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