First flowers of the New Year -Leucojum

John Grimshaw
Thu, 04 Jan 2007 21:10:15 PST
Roy Herold wrote:
> Leucojum vernum var carpaticum 'Podpolozje', as distributed by Janis
> Ruksans, is quite vigorous and a most enjoyable bulb here.

Janis has a very amusing but chilly description of finding the original 
population of this stock in the Ukraine. It will appear in his forthcoming 
book 'Buried Treasure', which should be a fascinating read when it appears. 
'Podpolojze' is not a clone, sales bulbs being dug from the self-sowing 
population in the Ruksans garden derived from Ukrainian stock, but it is 
certainly a good representative of var. carpathicum.

A lengthy review of variation in Leucojum vernum will appear in the March 
issue of 'The Plantsman', written by myself with input from Ena Gatenby and 
Joe Sharman. It turned out that there was too much to be said for L. 
aestivum to be reviewed in the same article, so that is waiting its turn.

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