Seed imports to U.S.

Ernie O'Byrne
Wed, 24 Jan 2007 21:55:10 PST
Believe it, or not, our elected representatives in Washington are usually
very helpful with sttempts to cut through this sort of red tape. More so if
every one of us call both the Representative and Senators and request help
with the problem. We might actually get some movement on the issue. All it
takes is a phone call to their office. They are usually very eager to help
out with this sort of this because it: 1. makes them look good to
constituents who are likely to pass along the good word, 2. is
non-controversial and 3. know first-hand that government regs are not always

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  My ignorant self just HAS to say something about this. If a person pays
  full postage to receive a product from anywhere, they are entitled to
  receive that product as promised. However necessary the government's
  interception of the product may be does not negate this fact. Our tax
  dollars already pay for each and every one of those Federal employees to
  do whatever job they do,  <SNIP>

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