postal irregulaty in handling seeds after quarantine.

Adam Fikso
Thu, 25 Jan 2007 14:45:44 PST
Article 722.12 says,with reference to packets of seed that has been 
inspected or passed, that it shall be  "...redirected to the addressees, and 
returrned to the mail for delivery."    This is quite clear, has not changed 
in recent years.

It does NOT say "redirected to the mail for additonal postage"  nor does it 
say, "redirected to the mail for additional consideration", nor anything 
else.  Thiis is what's not being done.

It says, "...for delivery"..The words and intent are  quite clear, except 
perhaps to  those folks  who didn't learn to read, understand,  parse a 
sentence, or who feel they have to reinterpret the Constitution because IT 
isn't clear.  It is probably not clear to folks who can't imagine that it's 
already paid for by the foreign stamp per a series of postal conventions.

I have written the Dept. of State which seems (insofar as I can check) to 
have final authority over this matter, and will keep us apprised of any 
relevant  responses from them pertinent to this matter.  Adam in Glenview, 

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