Scadoxus membranaceus

Doug Westfall
Fri, 26 Jan 2007 20:41:02 PST
On Friday, January 26, 2007, at 06:31  PM, Norman Rose wrote:

> I just received some Scadoxus membranaceus seeds in
> one of the BX offerings. I am not sure how deep to
> plant them.  Please advise when you can.
> thanks
> Norman Rose,

The seeds were from me. Here is the way that I have grown dozens of S. 

I use about 50/50 Haemanthus mix - (well draining mix w/ sand etc.) and 
a seed mix like Scotts. place that in a container at least 4 inches 
deep or deeper. With your finger, press the seeds into the mix so that 
the seeds are soil level or just a LITTLE deeper. Do not let the mix 
dry out but slightly damp.

The first year, you may not see much growth above the soil level. The 
roots start first and they are rather large. By the end of the first 
year, there should be a leaf. continue to keep them damp. As the growth 
appears, I use a liquid fertilizer at 1/4 strength. They will begin to 
grow faster at this point.

When they develop two or better three leaves, you can transplant them 
into three or four inch pots. Use a mulch as the top layer in the pots 
and continue to water. They should remain in the green all year.

I live in Long Beach and our weather is not too different from yours. 
They seem to grow best in light shade. They would do well under a 
bench, on a covered back porch, etc. Protect them from heavy rain and 
direct sun.

They are easy to grow but not fast the first three years. Feel free to 
email any further questions to me directly.

Doug Westfall

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