Lilium bolanderi germination

Jim McKenney
Fri, 19 Jan 2007 17:49:27 PST
Diane Whitehead wrote: " I don't know where these "late summer rains" fall.
Up here they  
start in October, which is fall.

We occasionally get a light rain in August and September, but not  
enough to split the tomatoes."

I'll confess to almost total ignorance of west coast growing conditions.
However, I do know a thing or two, and that knowledge is based on the
copious information provided - over a span of nearly twenty years - by David
Griffiths from the Bellingham, Washington bulb trials back in the early part
of the last century. 

Griffiths frequently mentions that this or that work had to be completed
before the August rains started. Seed sowing and some bulb planting, for
instance, were scheduled to be completed before the start of the rains. 

That's what I had in mind when I wrote those comments in response to Max's

With regard to what Max has read about the conditions under which Lilium
bolanderi will germinate, let me point out that the suggestions I made are
based on my personal experience, on results I have gotten here,  not on what
I have read (although reading about it was what prompted me to do it).  

I remain gravely skeptical about the suitability of warm stratification for
west coast lilies. But maybe we need to define "warm". How far is Oakland
from San Francisco? Remember that great witticism about the coldest winter
ever experienced was a summer in San Francisco?  

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