More precocious blooms

James Waddick
Sat, 06 Jan 2007 11:51:50 PST
Dear All -
	I have avoided my 2 cents since I am still way behind all the 
milder climates that have reported earlier, but even in the chilly 
north Galanthus are showing up and few with buds visible(not open), 
Daff. 'Rynveld's Early Sensation' could bloom in a few days, but many 
others are up and showing 2 or 3 inches of leaf tip. Crocus sieberi 
'Bowles White' was the first to open a single bloom today . A couple 
Eranthis are starting to open. No reticulate iris showing yet, but 
the earliest Juno (I aucheri) is up an inch or two -Always the first 
to show.
	Helleborus xhybrids are opening buds and sending up stalks everywhere.
	Both herbaceous and woody peonies have buds swelling and the 
first flowers on the Witch Hazel 'Jelena'.

	In short there is a wide range of shoots and buds developing 
easily 6 to 8 weeks earlier than is 'safe'. I have no doubt winter 
will arrive some day. And I do not doubt these early riser will 'pay'.

	El Nino, Global Warming or whatever, it seems like the spring 
garden may be a bust if delicate shoots and flowers get zapped by 
below zero temps in a few weeks. More than possible- likely.

	We had -5 in Nov and barely much below 20 since. Very 
unseasonal here too.

	Jim Mc - My soils are generally alkaline- clay/loess over 
limestone, but I don't have reading for the Leucojum spot for certain.

		Waiting for the winter boot to drop.	Jim W.
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