Kniphofia on Mt. Hood?

Jane McGary
Tue, 30 Jan 2007 16:14:23 PST
Diane wrote

>I'm surprised.  [Rhododendron] macrophyllum grows at almost sea level here 
>and in
>the Olympics, though of course it does grow in the mountains too.

In this area of the western Cascades, it grows in the "rhododendron belt" 
where annual precipitation is very high -- just a few hundred feet above 
the 1600 foot elevation where I live, but with typically double the annual 
rainfall/snowfall, because of the abrupt rise of the mountains catching the 
clouds from the Pacific. Most cultivated rhododendrons, however, do very 
well with the 45 inches of rain per year that they get at my place.

Jane McGary

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