Leucojum vernum in CT and NJ

Judy Glattstein jglatt@hughes.net
Sat, 06 Jan 2007 14:40:31 PST
I got my Leucojum vernum many years ago, from a friend in Wilton 
Connecticut. We were at her house enjoying a cup of tea. I mentioned 
that my snowdrops were in flower. She said hers were also, and we 
wandered outside to look. They were not snowdrops but snowflakes, spring 
snowflakes, Leucojum vernum, planted by a previous owner. She gave me 
some, which I took home, planted, and they thrived.

As an aside - it pays to share plants. My friend had to have the septic 
system replaced and had she not given me some of her bulbs I would not 
have had any to share back with her.

When we moved to New Jersey I moved many bulbs, including L. vernum. I 
don't fertilize or water them. They've never seeded that I'm aware of, 
but offset quite nicely, and flower freely. They're planted near an 
intermittent drainage creek, tucked among the roots of some moderately 
large trees. Probably a good idea to divide them soon, as it has been 10 
or 11 years since they were planted.

Elsewhere in the garden Narcissus Rijnveld's Early Sensation is well 
budded. Today is absurdly warm. Why do I fret that no doubt blizzards 
will arrive in time to blast the opening buds.


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