Fw: Nerine seedlings

David Ehrlich idavide@sbcglobal.net
Mon, 29 Jan 2007 10:05:41 PST
Rodger Whitlock wrote:

It is my understanding that monocot roots do not branch if the 
growing tip is injured, unlike dicots. Injure a monocot root and the 
damage can only be made good by an altogether new root growing from 
the basal plate (or equivalent organ) -- and that may not happen 
until next growing season. Hence the need to be much more careful 
with monocot seedlings, to handle them much more gently.

I was surprised to read that.  From everything I’ve read, Monocots always abort the radicle root, and depend entirely upon an adventitious root system.  So, cutting the first root may be a non-issue as long as the adventitious system has started.  Again, my understanding is that the adventitious system is initiated shortly after germination.

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