winter cold damage

Wed, 31 Jan 2007 10:39:32 PST
It's painful to watch my plants shrivel up and die after the cold spell we had recently.

Here is what I have noted.

Lachenalia viridiflora are all gone. even the bulbs are mush. They were out on a bench in 4 inch pots. 
Ferrarias are all gone same thing. 
Lachenalia pustulata were in 4 inch pots on the ground, and they suffered some frost damage but seem OK.  No other Lachenalias suffered.
Babiaba rubrocyana  had leaf damage but the plants are OK. 
Some cape Gladioli did not fare well. 
Oxalis incarnata is finished. Some other oxalis were damaged but may survive.
Some smaller Othonnas (hallii) went too.

Plants under trees were undamaged, so I think that if I had some covering to prevent radiational cooling, damage would have been minimal.
I wasn't prepared for this cold. It only got to 28-29 degrees F, which doesn't seem cold enough for the damage caused, but, that was the air temperature. 

Richard Wagner
Vista, CA

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