Nerine seedlings

Laura & Dave
Sun, 28 Jan 2007 20:27:03 PST
There is at least one other action you can take,  one that I've done on 
occasion, which splits the no-action-now path and the repot-now path.  
This is to perform a simple root pruning, cutting the protruding roots 
off at the point they emerge.  This doesn't disturb the plant remaining 
in the soil, and causes the roots to branch, providing for a better 
utilization of the soil.  Repotting can then be done at a more natural 
time, when dormant for instance. 
Having said this, I realize that this won't work for all plants, as some 
don't have branching roots.  However, if this is the case, new roots are 
often initiated.

So these are my thoughts!
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