Lilium bolanderi germination

Max Withers
Thu, 18 Jan 2007 10:03:33 PST
As often happens this time of year (at least I hope such behavior is
not limited to me!), I seem to have gone a little overboard on the
seed orders. In particular, I'm worried about the Lilium bolanderi
seed, which would not complete its warm stratification-cold
stratification regime until June at the earliest. Am I correct in
assuming that it is better to wait until late July-August to sow
outside, as suggested by Edward McRae?

Furthermore, I'm ashamed to say, I somehow failed to absorb the winter
snow cover component of L. bolanderi's lifestyle. What does one do
about this in mild-winter climates (last week notwithstanding) like
Oakland, beyond, I imagine, keeping them dry? I will probably be
growing these in troughs of some kind for drainage.

Max Withers
Oakland (z9b/17)
Where all the geophytes (and an unknown Clivia hybrid) appear to have
weathered 4 nights below freezing (low of 28 on two nights), but I
fear for a young Deppea splendens.

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