First flowers of the New Year

Sun, 07 Jan 2007 09:58:04 PST
Not exactly very bulbous, but I treat it the same as a trillium. I found Scoliopus bigelowii with its first flower out today. Fortunately I found it before the mice and moved the pot, which has just sat sheltered from the rain, alongside the greenhouse. S. hallii always comes later for me. Eranthis just showing, but this year they will be flowering amongst many Lapeyrousia(Anomatheca) laxa leaves, which was flowering against the house wall before Christmas.
  Brian Whyer, Buckingamshire, England. No frost again this week

Angelo Porcelli <> wrote:
  First flower of the year for me is Sternbergia fischeriana, which has 
reached finally full potential.…
Also in full bloom from a month Nerine undulata and Tulbaghia simmleri, not 
to mention lots of tazettas

Angelo Porcelli
south of Italy 

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