Mark Mazer
Wed, 31 Jan 2007 12:14:14 PST
Some species just seem to flop, no matter the temperature or light intensity.

I'm looking at L. orchiodes var flava-no flop 
L. orchiodes var glaucina-flop

Some species with upright leaf growth seem to flop just as they are coming into bud or as they are blooming.
Those with grassy or tubular leaves seem to resist flopping.
Species with prostrate leaf growth remain in character with proper culture.
I have several accessions of L. viridiflora- some flop, some don't.  The group of plants of shorter stature and spotted leaves don't flop until well after they start to bloom.  Taller plants with more intense flower color from Bill Djik flop as they bloom or just prior.
Some species will lose their leaves prior to blooming, names escape me now.
You might try planting them deeper.
Some species will flop if they don't receive adequate water, just once.

>I've got a few under lights but the foliage is relatively soft and
>floppy...except for pustulata. They do appear to want lots of water
>when in growth, but even when I keep up with them the leaves are all
>over the place. Is this just how they behave, or do I need to do
>something that I'm not?

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