Yet more on Thumbnails

Laura & Dave
Thu, 18 Jan 2007 13:51:03 PST
My wife just pointed out something I had missed regarding the mouseover 
text.  The text relegated to the realm of mouseover won't copy or print  
nor is it searchable.  This lends support for not putting too much 
unique information into the mouseover text. 

I just tested, but did not save, the idea that text could be placed 
after each thumbnail. It looked something like:

| Photo |
|    1      |
+----------+  ... Descriptive text here
| Photo |
|     2     |
+----------+  ... More descriptive text here

 This looked nice,  with the information easy to associate with the 
correct photo (sorry if this . True, the photos are stacked vertically, 
instead of in a single horizontal row, but the information specific to 
each photo is part of the page.

Just a thought, hoping to make something very good even better!

Dave Brastow

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