pbs Digest, Vol 54, Issue 9 -- Super E and correction to earlier note re Hippeastrelia

Adam Fikso adam14113@ameritech.net
Mon, 09 Jul 2007 09:41:57 PDT
I am growing Super E here in the Chicago area. (The label says so--bought it 
on eBay.)  It has come through one winter planted at 20" from the 
foundation.  The other one, planted in the open, and a wetter spot in early 
spring/winter rotted out.

The correction is in response to Jim's (early this year) comment that he 
doubted that I was growing  Hippeastrelia (  H.  johnsonii x 
'Durgapradhan'). He was right.  I was wrong.

 I am now fairly convinced in my own mind that that  was the result of 
confusion in my head, transferred to a tag which was then lost.  B.J. M 
Zonneveld was also kind enough to do a DNA weight test on some of those 
seedlings and he pronounced them the result of apomixis, rather than a 
pollination. I do have some other seedlings from that same attempt at 
hybridization which show two of them with some of their leaves coiled like a 
watch spring. They are currently growing under lights and not very large. 
The  leaves are very thin.--about 2-3 mm wide, and about a foot long.

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